Configuration Manager Current Branch 2303 向けロールアップ リリース (KB21010486, KB24719670)


今回は、Configuration Manager (Microsoft Configuration Manager (MCM), Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM), SCCM) Current Branch 2303 向けのロールアップ リリースについてお伝えします。

今回のロールアップ リリースは少し複雑でして、7 月 24 日にリリースされた初期のロールアップ リリースに不具合があり、改訂版のリリースとなります。

そのため、初期のリリースをインストールされていない場合は、Configuration Manager コンソールには、KB24719670 として表示されます。


KB21010486 (

  • The Configuration Manager console terminates unexpectedly when saving changes to a custom Software Center client setting that was created prior to version 2111.
  • The Enable BitLocker task sequence step fails when used in combination with the PROVISIONTS parameter. This happens if the option to escrow the recovery key is enabled. Errors resembling the following are recorded in the smsts.log file.
    Failed to CreateRecoveryPassword (0x800401F3)
    Failed to configure key protection (0x800401F3)
    Failed to run the action: Enable BitLocker. Error -2147221005
  • Active Directory Group Discovery data records (DDRs) are rejected for clients that are discovered first by the Heartbeat Discovery method. Errors resembling the following are recorded in the ddm.log file on the site server.
    DDR timestamp of "5/7/2023 3:05:02 AM" for agent "SMS_AD_SECURITY_GROUP_DISCOVERY_AGENT" is older than existing record's timestamp of "5/7/2023 12:22:15 PM"
  • The Configuration Manager console terminates with a System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException message when comparing string and array data using the Create Scripts feature.
  • Windows Defender Exploit Guard – Attach Surface Reduction (ASR) policies don’t apply as expected to Windows Server operating systems.
  • User collections based on Azure Active Discovery won’t contain Hybrid users after a full discovery cycle runs.
  • Active Directory Group discovery data incorrectly supersedes Azure Active Directory Group discovery data, leading to inconsistencies in reporting and collection structure.
  • The SMS_CLOUD_PROXYCONNECTOR role goes dormant after a cloud management gateway (CMG) is offline for upgrades or maintenance. When this happens clients are unable to connect to the CMG until the SMS Executive service is restarted.
  • The SMS Executive service periodically uses 100% of available CPU time on cloud management gateway instances. This sometimes happens after a CMG instance is restarted.
  • Windows updates using the Unified Update Platform (UUP) may fail to download during an OS deployment task sequences. Errors resembling the following are shown in the DeltaDownload.log when this happens.
    DeltaDownloadStartup task is starting...
    Failed on startup task, error code 80070057 
    DeltaDownloadShutdownTask task is starting... 
    Update with CIID Site_{SiteID}/SUM_{GUID} failed with hr = 0x80d02002 
  • After synchronizing collection members to Azure AD groups, additional synchronizations may unexpectedly delete the group members. Additionally, in large environments the synchronization process may not complete when both AD user discovery and Azure AD User discovery are both enabled and run with overlapping schedules.
  • The size of the patchdownloader.log file is now configurable; it was previously limited to 1 megabyte (MB). The new default size is 5 MB and is configurable by modifying or creating the following registry key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\CCM\Logging\PatchDownloaderDWORD LogMaxSize

    Value – size in bytes


対象環境の Configuration Manager コンソールには、下記のように、KB24719670 または KB21010486 が表示されます。上記に記載されている不具合を修正するプログラムなので、早期にアップデートすることをお勧めいたします。

※ 下記のスクリーン ショットは、KB24719670 になります。