Configuration Manager Current Branch 2103 向け修正プログラム リリース (KB9603111)


今回は、Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM, SCCM, Configuration Manager) Current Branch 2103 向けの初めての修正プログラム リリースについてお伝えします。今回の修正プログラムは、early update ring (PowerShell のスクリプトを実行して早期に CB 2103 を適用した方向け) 向けとなります。


KB9603111 ( ※ 今回から、Microsoft Docs に掲載されています。

  • Configuration Manager Azure Active Directory (AAD) joined clients that are also using PKI issued certs can get into a high CPU utilization situation that impacts the end-user. This occurs because of an issue with the SMS Agent Host (ccmexec.exe) attempting to continually renew the “self-prove” token with the Management Point (MP).
  • During reassignment from one site to another, clients are unable to evaluate policy or communicate via the notification channel. Errors resembling the following are recorded in the ccmexec.log file.
    Error registering hosted class '{Class_GUID}'. Code 0x80040111
    Error processing notification query for endpoint '{Endpoint_Name}'. Query='wqlns:root\microsoft\... Code =0x8004100e
    Sending State Message with topic type = 2100, state id = 1, run state = 0, and error code = 0x66109940
    Sending State Message with topic type = 2100, state id = 1, run state = 0, and error code = 0x68617800
  • The report Compliance 4 - Updates by vendor month year does not contain expected data.
  • App usage data is stale or unavailable for devices in the Desktop Analytics portal in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. This only affects notebook computers that run for multiple days without restarting. An error resembling the following is recorded in the SensorManagedProvider.log file on affected devices.
    Other exception - Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.,    at System.Number.ParseInt32(String s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormatInfo info)
    at System.Convert.ToInt32(String value, IFormatProvider provider)
    at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.SensorFramework.SrumUtilHelper.ImportCsvToDataTable[T](String filePath)
  • After updating to Configuration Manager current branch, version 2103, a backlog of .MEP (machine extended policy) files occurs in the PolicyPV inbox on the site server. This backlog also causes delays in processing site reassignment data.
  • Devices upgrade to the 2103 version of the client faster than expected after promoting the upgrade from pre-production. In addition the WebView 2 client component is installed repeatedly.
  • State message processing hangs when encountering a corrupt file instead of discarding the file as expected. Errors resembling the following are recorded in the statesys.log file.
    Thread 'State Message Processing Thread #0" id:14888 terminated abnormally
    A state message processing thread ended with a fatal error, backing off...
  • State message processing fails for some cloud management gateway messages. Errors resembling the following are recorded in the statesys.log file.
    SQL MESSAGE: dbo.spProcessStateReport - Error: Record 1 returned an 'invalid record' return code and failed processing with error 8115: ERROR 8115, Level 16, State 2, Procedure dbo.spProcessProxyIdentityReport, Line 2, Message: Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int.
  • A new console extension created for the community hub for version 2103 will fail to load if a prior console extension modifies the same node with the same action.
  • The SQL Server move process fails after a highly available site is failed over to the passive site server. This occurs due to a certificate problem that resembled the following in the ConfigMgrSetup.log file.
    ERROR: Failed to decrypt SQL Server machine serialized pfx certificate (LastError=0)
  • The Wake on LAN feature does not function as expected after a central administration site (CAS) is removed due to a missing site control property value.
  • The SMS Agent Host service may terminate unexpectedly due to a policy agent issue.
  • CMPivot queries do not run on computers configured with the Japanese system locale.
  • After removing a central administration site, packages are distributed to all distribution points (DP) when adding them to just a single new DP.
  • Failover from an active to a passive site fails in an environment with a large number of orphaned package status data records.


対象環境の Configuration Manager コンソールには、下記のように、KB9603111 が表示されます。上記に記載されている不具合を修正するプログラムなので、早期にアップデートすることをお勧めいたします。


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