Configuration Manager Current Branch 2309 向けロールアップ リリース (KB25858444)


今回は、Configuration Manager (Microsoft Configuration Manager (MCM), Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM), SCCM) Current Branch 2309 向けのロールアップ リリースについてお伝えします。

久しぶりに、Configuration Manager ネタです。

今回のリリースは、PowerShell を用いて Early update ring にオプトインした場合と、通常のリリースを受けた場合と両方に適用されます。


KB25858444 (

  • The Configuration Manager Prerequisite Checker process fails to connect to the site SQL server after upgrading to ODBC Driver version 18.0. Errors similar to the following are recorded in the ConfigMgrPrereqCheck.log file.
    [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server]SSL Provider: The target principal name is incorrect.~~
    Client unable to establish connection
    Failed to connect to the SQL Server, connection type: SMS ACCESS
  • Due to a timing issue, a double reboot can still prevent a Task Sequence from running, even when the SMSTSWaitForSecondReboot variable is set. This problem can happen during an operating system deployment, combined with an update that requires two reboots.
  • The BitLocker management agent might incorrectly assign a key protector for a client when the key escrow process failed.
  • Clients might be unable to download software from a cloud management gateway (CMG) after updating to Configuration Manager 2303 or later. Errors similar to the following are recorded in the MP_Location.log file.
    The SELECT permission was denied on the object 'vSMS_DefaultBoundaryGroup', database 'CM_{SideCode}', schema 'dbo'.
  • If the BitLocker recovery key escrow process fails due to a SQL exception, such as a timeout or deadlock, the process isn’t retried automatically. The SMS_Message_Processing_Engine is updated to retry these failures for BitLocker recovery keys.
  • If multiple packages are uploaded to a distribution point on the same CMG instance, the upload process can fail. This scenario occurs after updating to Configuration Manager current branch, version 2303 or later. Errors resembling the following are recorded in the pkgxfermgr.log file.
    ERROR: Operation GetStorageAccountBlobContainerIds for StorageAccount:{name} failed with Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage.StorageException: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
    ---> System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.~~
  • The upgrade experience indicators on the Windows 11 Readiness dashboard incorrectly list Windows 11 versions as “22H2” when they’re a different version.
  • Collection updates may be delayed in large environments that collect frequently changing hardware inventory data, such as recently used applications. This occurs due to triggers on the CollectionNotifications table that run when processing hardware inventory.

This issue was first corrected on Configuration Manager current branch, version 2010, for new site installations. It’s now revised to apply to existing sites.


対象環境の Configuration Manager コンソールには、下記のように、KB25858444 が表示されます。上記に記載されている不具合を修正するプログラムなので、早期にアップデートすることをお勧めいたします。


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